Discover the Elegance and Rich Heritage of Shetland Sheep at Blessed Valley Farm

Welcome to Blessed Valley Farm's Sheep page, where we take pride in showcasing the exceptional qualities of our registered Shetland sheep. Immerse yourself in the world of these charming, heritage-rich sheep, known for their elegance, friendly nature, and historical significance. Our Shetland sheep are registered with NASSA unless otherwise noted. 

Shetland Sheep: A Heritage of Charm

Our registered Shetlands embody a rich heritage that spans generations. Renowned for their small stature and captivating appearance, Shetland sheep have graced the Shetland Isles for centuries. At Blessed Valley Farm, we've carefully curated a flock that upholds the finest traditions of this remarkable breed.

Friendly Companions with Resilient Spirits

One of the hallmarks of Shetland sheep is their friendly disposition. Our breeding practices prioritize not only the preservation of the breed's unique characteristics but also the development of a flock that thrives on human interaction. The result is a group of sheep that are not only resilient but also make delightful companions.

Parasite Resistance: Nurturing Healthy Flocks

Blessed Valley Farm is committed to maintaining the health and well-being of our Shetland sheep. Through careful breeding practices, we have developed a flock with a natural resistance to parasites. This emphasis on robust health ensures that our Shetlands lead happy and vibrant lives on our farm.

Wool of Distinction

Shetland wool is renowned for its fine texture and diverse color palette. Our Shetland sheep produce wool that is not only prized for its softness but also for its versatility. From crafting to garment-making, the wool from our Shetlands adds a touch of luxury to every project.

Explore the unique qualities and rich history of our Shetland sheep. Whether you're a seasoned shepherd or simply captivated by the allure of heritage breeds, Blessed Valley Farm invites you to immerse yourself in the world of Shetland sheep. Join us in celebrating these elegant and resilient companions who continue to weave their stories into the fabric of our farm.

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