Here at Blessed Valley Farm we value a gentle temperment and mothering ability in our Shetland ewes.
  • Left to Right

    Under the Son Patches

    Under the Son Vivian

    Under the Son Harlequin

  • Left to Right

    Whicker Ranch Carmen

    Whicker Ranch Itsy Bitsy

    Whicker Ranch Cinnamon

  • Under the Son Lexus

    Very friendly, beautiful wool.

  • BVF J Maize

  • Under the Son Chella

    Very fine wool.

  • Under the Son Montoria

    Very fine wool.

  • BVF Lavender

  • BVF Star

    Not Registered

    Shetland x Shetland/ BFL/ Teeswater

  • Snow

    Not Registered

    Shetland/ BFL/ Teeswater

  • BVF SEB Jade

  • BVF SEB Moana