About Us

About Blessed Valley Farm

Evans Family

Paul, Natasha, Caleb, Dixie and Flint

Our Roots
Established in 2011, Blessed Valley Farm began as a venture into raising Nigerian Dwarf goats. Over the years, our passion for nurturing happy and healthy animals led us to transition to breeding sheep, specializing in registered Shetlands and BFX Club Lambs. Today, we also showcase a few Boer crosses that our kids proudly exhibit at local 4-H shows.

Family at the Heart
Blessed Valley Farm is a family-owned operation, led by Natasha and Paul Evans. With Caleb, Dixie, and Flint actively involved, our farm is a testament to the values we hold dear. We take immense pride in cultivating an environment where our animals thrive, reflecting our commitment to family and sustainable farming practices.

Unique Livestock and Care
Our registered Shetlands and BFX Club Lambs stand out for their friendly demeanor and resilience against parasites. We prioritize breeding practices that result in a flock known for both its amiable nature and robust health. We manage every step, from shearing to wool processing, ensuring the highest quality products for our customers.

Wool Products with a Personal Touch
Explore our range of wool products, including raw wool ideal for creating yarn, batting, and rugs. Additionally, we offer finished goods like dryer balls, roving, and unique wool earrings. Blessed Valley Farm brings you the freshest wool directly from our flock, a testament to our commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability in Every Fiber
Committed to sustainable and eco-friendly practices, we take pride in offering products that are fresh off the farm. Our dedication to environmentally conscious farming methods and minimal waste aligns with our vision for a greener future.

Rooted in Community
Blessed Valley Farm actively participates in local events and organizations. Natasha, an agriculture and business teacher, is deeply involved in the community through 4-H, FFA, SKESPA, and the Kentucky Sheep and Goats Association. As a testament to our commitment, Natasha serves on the advisory council for the local 4-H.

Growing Together
We cherish the feedback from our valued customers and are excited about the future. Blessed Valley Farm aims to expand its herd, invest in wool processing equipment, and introduce new products such as wool rugs. Our journey is a shared one, and we look forward to growing alongside our community.

Join us in experiencing the warmth of Blessed Valley Farm, where family, tradition, and sustainable farming come together in every fiber.

Natasha Evans